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Latest News:

Freshers Trip!

WHERE:   Mournes Cottage
WHEN:   19-21 October
Cost:   £20 for students, £25 for associates

The Freshers' Trip is taking place on 19-21 October. Price is £20 for students, £25 for associates.
A weekend of partying, climbing, walking, drinking, singing, getting to know people and not forgetting the Rave in the Barn!
This is the firs trip of the year and always the most popular, with 60 people attending in 2010!
The bus will be leaving from the PEC car park at 5.30pm and stopping at Tesco in Newcastle for food/drink, and will be leaving us back in Belfast for about 6pm on Sunday.

More info available here:Freshers Info

October News!

October's here, along with excellent indoor climbing and pub weather, and another year of uni...

Of course, it also means Freshers! If you're new to the club, or thinking of joining, check out the Membership Pageand Training Page.

QUBMC goes on loads of cool trips that aren't worth missing out on so check out the Trips pageto find out more!

First trip is the Freshers' Trip on 19th - 21st October in the QUB Mourne Cottage which is always amazing craic, with climbing, games, music, partying and The Chair... (you'll see). It's always amazing craic so come along!

Any questions, email mountaineering@qub.ac.uk or talk to a committee member at the wall.

MI Fairhead Meet

WHERE:   Fair Head
WHEN:   1st-3rd June
Cost   £5 camping fee per person per night

MI Event Page

The bottom of the page has a report from last year, and the Mountaineering Ireland facebook event page for people going.

This year, it will also be a club trip, with QUBMCers getting club insurance if they go.

However this will not be a subsidised trip, so we won't be taking money at the wall and travel isn't being organised through the club either.

So for those that are going, email the club to inform us and to get insurance sorted. You will also have to fill in an emergency contact form if you haven't done so already this year, or your details have changed.


WHERE:   Gola
WHEN:   5th - 11th June
Cost   £TBC

So once again QUB is heading off to Gola, an island of the coast of Donegal. It's perfect for winding down after the stresses of exams, and a perfect place for climbing.

I'll put up a price when one is confirmed, but those who have work now know what dates to book off.

More information on the trip can be found on the trip page

News News lots of News!!!

Its all news news news at the moment! To start off I would like to thank everyone who came to the Reel Rock film tour. It was a great success and I hope we can host it again in the future. I am glad to see that the committees hard work was all worth it!

AGM 2012

When: 22nd March  

The nominations are now open!! Do you want to be involved in the committee or think someone would be good at one of the positions? Well the nominations are now open. Just email the club and nominate yourself or another member of the club.
To see who you are up against then click the link below Nominations
There are more details in the email/ on the forum so have a read of the roles first!

***********KERRY TRIP***********

The biggest ireland has to offer in terms of mountains! lots to do whether your a climber, walker or scrambler. Dates provisionally the 15th to the 19th. (down on thursday back on Monday as we're off friday and Monday) if you are interested please email the club or reply on the forum


WHERE:   Ozone, Ormeau Road, Belfast!
WHEN:   2nd-4th March (this weekend!!)

This is a great chance to meet others from clubs all around Ireland, try problems set by some great climbers and just have a laugh. You don't have to be the best or the most competitive person, there's a prize for the best spotter!

There's a talk from Ian Parnell on the friday night who you can check out here http://www.ianparnell.com/
Outage on Saturday night with the theme: 'When I grow up I want to be a...' so get your costumes sorted!

Entry to both those events is included in the entry fee which is £12. We'll be registering people at the wall tomorrow night as we need an idea of numbers! You can pay on the day but you need to register with us before hand.

For more info have a look on the irish climbing intervarsities website

There's separate categories for females, males, freshers and non-freshers so don't worry if you've never been to a competition before or are a bit nervous! Its all just a bit of fun :)

Cotswold is giving 20% discount for competitors so if you're a fresher and don't have rock shoes yet this is a good time to get some!

We're still doing sessions at the Ozone on wednesday afternoons, the Ozone is quite different to the PEC wall so if you haven't been yet I suggest you go! (You'll need to prove student status with a stamped letter from Queen's Guidance Centre)

Donegal 2011: Trip Report

After yet another successfull sunny trip to Mad Marys Connor 'The Bearded one' Gilmour has provided us with more of his literary gold.

If the below excerpt entertains you then please read the rest of his report

It is here that many people first understand that there is more to climbing than plastic nailed to wood in a gym and hopefully experience the thrill provided by the atmosphere and that feeling of "Holy-s**t-I'm-20-metres-above-the-sea-climging-to-a-vertical-lump-of-rock. SWEET!"